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Attention Estate Agents:  Get R100 in FREE Carpet Cleaning For Your Distressed Properties

No obligation, no requirement to refer us.  Your client simply gets our help and we get to show you what a great job we do.

Clean carpets are the best way to make a great first impression.  You already know that.  But it’s tough to get a home looking good when the seller doesn’t have money for cleaning.

So I want to help you and your clients.

How many homes do you have that could use fresh, clean carpet or floors but the seller can’t pay for a proper cleaning?


Here are the details for your FREE R100 cleaning:

For a limited time, I’m giving away ONE small job every week, up to R100, for FREE to help out Realtors and give back to the Johannesburg community.  I figure creating a relationship with you is better than wasting money on advertising.

And if the total cleaning cost happens to be over R100, we’ll give your client a R100 credit off their cleaning bill.  But please remember, this offer is truly only for home sales in distress.  I can’t afford to give this away on every cleaning.

This offer will NOT be ongoing.  In fact, all the availability for FREE cleaning may be gone next week once this flyer gets out.  So you need to contact us today.

Stop and think which of your clients REALLY needs this service.  And then pick up the phone and tell us where the home is located and how to schedule the cleaning.


Just call us right now at 071 687 4950.  We want to help you.


Jose Lopes

The Carpet Clinic

P.S.  If you haven’t heard of us, we’ve got one of the best reputations in Johannesburg.


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Jose Lopes – Owner & Operator

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