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My Name is Jose and I am the owner and operator of the Carpet Clinic.

Most importantly to me is a healthy home environment. Certainly this starts with clean carpets. That is to say we pride ourselves as one of Johannesburg’s leading commercial and residential carpet cleaners.

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We offer fast, efficient and professional carpet cleaning services for example:
   *  Carpet Cleaning (Res & Com)
*  Oriental Carpet Cleaning
   *  Persian Carpet Cleaning
*  Shaggy carpet Cleaning


Carpet Care Tips between cleans

Vacuum Regularly

Regular vacuuming your carpets for example once a week ,will above all remove any dry soil that may effect the fibres. As a result this dry soil will lead to added wearing down of fibres over time.

Furniture Rotation

Furniture should certainly be rotated periodically were possible in order to take the pressure off your carpet pile.

Spills & Accidents what you should do

If you spill anything onto your upholstery the first step above all is to absorb as much as you can with a plain white or colour fast towel. Likewise if you have a wet dry vacuum cleaner you can use it to suck up as much of the liquid as possible.  Just blot. DO NOT RUB because this may damage the fibres permanently. At this point certainly call us for further advice.

Most importantly do not be tempted to use store bought cleaning products. If you cannot resist always mix per instructions and for example test in an unseen area first.. Because these products often have aggressive oxidizers.  Firstly they can permanently discolour the dyes in the fabric. Secondly you are unable to rinse the detergent out which will result in a sticky area. As a result this area will rapidly attract dirt or leave a detergent tide mark.

Jose Lopes – Owner & Operator

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